Veljanov Official Homepage 2016-11-16T20:17:53Z WordPress admin01 <![CDATA[On Tour 2017]]> 2016-10-05T22:33:24Z 2016-10-05T22:20:18Z DearĀ friends,

We have really good news for you:
Igor Zotik is joining us on stage during DEINE LAKAIEN’s “30 Years” concerts. Thus, you will not only experience the music of Deine Lakaien in new arrangements, but also songs by my VELJANOV-project!


admin01 <![CDATA[New Website 2016]]> 2016-06-30T08:20:45Z 2016-06-30T08:20:45Z This website was re-coded in 2016. Now it works on all systems.

We will now add new content over the next weeks.


admin01 <![CDATA[On tour with Deine Lakaien]]> 2016-06-30T10:34:54Z 2016-06-30T08:19:19Z in 2017 – Watch out for it.